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The Jansouz ensemble is the musical narration of three siblings, Sepand, Khorshid and Yazdandad Dadbeh from their interpretations of the Iranian cultural world. They named their ensemble, Jansouz, after the artistic name of their grandfather, a renowned maestro in the field of singing and the cultural history of the Iranian music.

The members of Jansouz, have grown and flourished in a rich artistic environment and now they co-operate with international musicians such as Mehrad Hezarkhani, for combining a musical self-discipline of the ancient musicians with a novel understanding of the modern time.

The core of this approach is first and foremost a representation of the archetypal human-heroes who become detached from their origins and who would set foot on a challenging path, afflicted by sorrow and nostalgia, traveling within and without until eventually they reach to a novel realization of the time and the being.

Sepand Dadbeh

Artistic Director - Oud & Tanbour

Khorshid Dadbeh

Tar & Tanbour

Yazdandad Dadbeh

Percussion & Vocal

Mehrad Hezarkhani



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2020 February


De Studio Rotterdam

Rotterdam, NL

2019 December


Yellow House Diversity Concert

WMDC, Rotterdam, NL

2019 October


Müziek uit Iran

Matrix, Rotterdam, NL

2019 September


Muziek op de Rotte 2019

Rotterdam, NL

2019 July


International Police Station

Rotterdam, NL

2019 July


Tirgan Festival; Beaux-Arts de Paris

Paris, FR

2019 July


Tirgan Festival; La Loire

Saint-Martin-de-la-Place, FR

2019 June


Marmalade Studio live recording session

Delft, NL

2019 June


Wereld Delfshaven Festival

Rotterdam, NL

2019 March


Aryasp IRCC & Persiart SAS

Amphithéâtre Richelieu, Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, FR

2019 March


Nowruz celebration ISTAD

Delft, NL

2019 March


Yellow House, Green edition

WMDC, Rotterdam, NL

2019 March


Aryasp IRCC & Nowruz Center

The Hague, NL

2019 January


IFFR (International Film Festival Rotterdam)

de Doelen STUDIO, Rotterdam, NL

2018 July


Tirgan Festival, Ziryab, Une Banquer Perse en Andalousie

Paris, FR

2018 December


Yalda Concert, Grounds & Yellow House;

Codarts, Rotterdam, NL

2018 October


Dialogues in the Persian Garden (Mehregan); Aryasp IRCC & Nowruz Center;

Leiden University, NL

2018 July


Tirgan Festival, Ziryab; Le Bal Perse (La Nuit de Tirgan);

Péniche Anako, Paris, FR

2018 July


Tirgan Festival, Ziryab; Concert Songes d’Orient;

Chapelle Notre Dame des Anges, Paris, FR

2018 March


Dialogues in the Persian Garden (Nowruz); Aryasp IRCC & Nowruz Center;

Leiden University, NL

2018 March


Dialogues in the Persian Garden (Nowruz); Aryasp IRCC & Persiart SAS

Amphithéâtre Richelieu, Université Paris-Sorbonne, Paris, FR

2017 November


The Legends of Treasure; Iran Deserts Group;

Rig-e Jen, Central Desert of Iran

2016 December


Yalda Concert, Persiart SAS;

Théâtre du Renard Paris, FR

2016 May


Dialogues in the Persian Garden; Persiart SAS, Paris-Sud & Tehran University;

Negarestan Garden, Tehran, IR

2012 September


Saghar Pezeshkian painting exhibition

Mah Art Gallery, Tehran, IR

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